VISM AR15 M-LOK Carbine Handguard

Price Save 18% from $77.99 to $63.99

Get the ultimate tactical enhancement with the VISM AR15 M-LOK Carbine Handguard. These AR Handguards & Forends by VISM extend past the front sight post, providing you with more handguard surface area for an enhanced grip and extended mounting space for shooting accessories. The black anodized aluminum construction boosts this handguard's durability while still maintaining a lightweight platform for your rifle, and it has superior corrosion resistance to outlast the elements. The AR15 M-LOK Handguard - Carbine Extended uses drop-in installation, meaning there's no special gunsmithing required to upgrade your rifle. Increasing your sight radius has never been easier with the VISM Tactical M-LOK Handguard for AR15/M4 Platforms. Snag yours today to show off at the range or on your next hunt.

91.75 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Specifications for VISM AR15 M-LOK Carbine Handguard:

Gun Model: AR-15
Handguard Length: 13.5 in

Features of VISM AR15 M-LOK Carbine Handguard:

  • Handguard extends past the front sight post, giving you more handguard surface area for your hands and shooting accessories
  • Easy Drop-In installation
  • Solid fit, top rail is at receiver height and extends over Delta ring to the edge of the receiver
  • Handguard has 7 angle surfaces of M-LOK slots
  • Black Anodized Aluminum Construction
  • This model fits: Carbine Length Gas Systems
  • Designed to fit Carbines with: MIL-SPEC Barrel Nut, Delta Ring, and front Handguard Cap

1-VISM AR15 M-LOK Carbine Handguard
2-VISM AR15 M-LOK Carbine Handguard
3-VISM AR15 M-LOK Carbine Handguard
4-VISM AR15 M-LOK Carbine Handguard
5-VISM AR15 M-LOK Carbine Handguard

  • PROS
  • fit and appearance are great
  • functions perfectly
  • Easy to insall
  • Asteticly pleasing
  • Solid build
  • Fits like a glove
  • Easy to install, good quality
  • light weight
  • Solid / no movement or wobble
  • VERY inexpensive
  • multiple accessory placement options
  • Very Affordable
  • Excellent finish
  • Includes 2 Picatinny Rail Sections
  • inexpensive,a true value
  • Lite weight, lots of rail space. Fits Great.
  • Lots of rail space. Fits Great
  • Quality,Easy Install, and increases overall appearance
  • Easy to install
  • Looks good
  • No 1913 rails
  • Solid well built
  • Looks great
  • Drop in, no modifications or tools required
  • Inexpensive yet built very well
  • Rail is worlds better than rail sections on carbine length ARs,
  • Better control of rifle
  • easy installation
  • great look
  • Nice for the price
  • Awesome fit and nice and light
  • Fit and finish, price
  • Looks good ,easy installation, even the accessory rails are made out of aluminum
  • Looks good, easy installation, even the accessory rails are made out of aluminum.
  • Looks nice
  • Feels nice and slim in my tiny paws
  • Better mounting options for lights etc. than original geips
  • good aesthetics
  • Enhances look of weapon
  • easy installation and mount set-up
  • Unlimited places to hang accessories
  • Availability of MLOK accessories
  • aesthetically pleasing
  • eas of use, appearance
  • Fit well
  • Easy Insallation
  • nice look and feel
  • Low cost
  • easy to assemble
  • M-LOK system
  • well built and designed
  • extra handguard length
  • Fits around raised gas block
  • Didn't have to trim to fit around beyonette lug
  • Strong Light weight
  • Installed easy
  • excellent price
  • Extends beyond the fixed front sight
  • Light weight, looks awesome
  • easy to use and looks good
  • Very stable
  • Installs easy
  • Affordable high quality
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Cost. Fit looks. Utility
  • CONS
  • Low Tolerances
  • Handguard Flex
  • Would be awesome if they made only for ruger 556
  • Edges can be a little sharp.
  • The gap over the gas block may be unsightly for some
  • Check Tolerances Of Machined Holes
  • Can not find any so far
  • A little movement at delta ring and fsb.
  • May not be as durable as other, more expensive offerings.
  • Does not come with actual M-LOK hardware
  • Modifications needed (on mine) before install
  • Tight fit near gas tube
  • some vertical play
  • M lok is not exact, hard to set up compared to other mlok brands
  • Not a true free float
  • no istructions or paper work as to screw

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Jarvis - Add Reply

Does not fit the Ruger AR556 without modification. If you have a Dremel tool and some flat black paint, it's an easy mod. No problem and a great option for you DIYers out there looking for a value mlok extended handguard.

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Wellington - Add Reply

You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars for a quad rail system. This is a high-quality product it fits perfectly on my DPMS Oracle. This rail allowed me to mount my front back up sight farther forward so I have a longer sight radius.

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Garnet - Add Reply

This product is exactly what I was looking for! It fits perfectly on my M&P 15 Sport II. The functionality, quality, and the look of this hand guard are great. Super light weight as well, installed in about 7 minutes. Simple upgrade with huge results!

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Wellington - Add Reply

This handguard is pretty solid while adding more rail space. There are some negatives though. The rail has play forward, backwards and vertically at the end of the handguard when gripping the rifle due to the lower tolerances to the delta ring lockup. Because of this, mounting a PEQ-15 laser to it allows for it to be inaccurate at distance. This rail is fine if you are just using it for lights or gangster grips, but not for anyone using this to upgrade their M4 at work.

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Reid - Add Reply

Just added this on my smith and Wesson m&p 15. Had an ugly gas block midway down the barrel and short handguard so wanted to try this out. Took me 5 minutes to put on and fits like a glove. 10/10 recommend

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Ceasar - Add Reply

I used to be cool. I used to walk into a gun shop and drop a few hundo on gear and not feel guilty. But then, I got a serious case of "The American Dream". So the wife, kids, mortgage,etc, keep my extracurricular purchases to a minimum. When I started shopping for a new slim, minimalist handguard, the price kept me scrolling past all the "big brand" options. I know what your thinking..."there's plenty of handguards out there ya big dummy!" Which is true, however, my A2 front sight post seems to have been pinned and welded by Thor himself. So searching for one with an FSP cutout limited my options. Enter the VISM AR15 M-LOK Carbine Handguard. I was very leary of purchasing such a low priced piece of gear for my old,trusty Bushmaster Patrolmans Carbine that literally saved my life more than once when I worked Patrol. But, I decided to give it a go after reading a few reviews here. So, this thing fits really good. No gaps, no slack, and the hardware is solid with no cross threading or stripped out screws. It comes with 1 small and 1 larger M-Lok rail sections, which I found to be perfect for a light and pressure switch. But don't worry my little Mall Ninjas! There's plenty of room for all of your NC Star accessories and your 37mm flare launchers if you so desire. This is a solid piece of gear, and honestly I would have paid double. So drop the 50 bones, and give a run. You won't be disappointed.

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Reynold - Add Reply

Purchased last week, received today.super fast shipping. This handguard will fit AR556 directly without any modified. Just need to muscle up the two screws in the middle. Overall good product for the price.

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Delbert - Add Reply

I looked long and hard for a rail that would fit the DPMS. I read 1 other review here that it dropped in and fit the orical. Boy, did it. The fit is perfect. I was concerned about the front sight knockout but the rail piece from the rifle fits it as it was made for it. Again, beautiful design and installed flawlessly.

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Efren - Add Reply

If you are looking for an M-LOK handguard that not only works with the D-Ring, but also allows you to install around a gas block/A2 front sight- look no further. Sure, you can get the Quad Rails that do this same thing but who wants that bulky, hand-eating piece of metal weighing down the front of your rifle? This handguard is light, slim and the options for attaching M-Lok accessories are endless! All for a a pittance compared to a free-float handguard AND the ease of installation is just ridiculous. I had this installed in less than 10 minutes! I put this on a DPMS oracle that I bought for a truck gun. No sights and their version of a low-profile gas block. I wanted to replace the Glacier Guard and get some BUIS that mounted closer to the muzzle so that my sight radius was as long as possible. I was not expecting a lot for the price I paid for this handguard but let me just say I am more than happy. Elated! SHOCKED and just how well this handguard fits and how stable it is. Very little lateral movement and it aligns with the receiver rail perfectly with just a sliver of a gap between the receiver rail and the handguard rail. If I could cite and cons on this product I would say its the edges. It can be a bit sharp and if shooting with bare hands - especially with a thumb-over forward grip- you are gonna lose some flesh. A small price to pay and easily resolved with gloves. I might get a free float in the future but I am in no hurry after purchasing/installing t... Read More...

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Alfred - Add Reply

I purchased this Handguard for my M&P Sport 2. It looks great! My issue is there is a problem with the machining of the M-Lok slots. There are multiple slots where half the slot will not fit the M-Lok nuts. On one end of the slot the everything fits great, on the other end it's too small. Definitely a quality control issue. Love the look, wish it performed better. I have slots where I can't put any M-Lok accessories.

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Jake - Add Reply

So I bought this for my patrol rifle I am always testing different modifications for my rifles to find what I like best. But I also like having my front A2 sight which can cause issues with different handgaurds. So I saw this while looking around the website and figured I’d give it a shot and man I really like it. It’s not to heavy for me I can still move my rifle around and transition from target to target pretty quick. I like how I can extend my support hand out much farther and still keep my front A2 sight. I haven’t shot a whole lot out of it maybe 2-300 rounds but so far so good. I am a little worried that if I drop my rifle or fall on it that It may break. But the chances of that happening are unknown. I will rough it up a little bit and put it to the test. And give an update. But as of right now I recommend it especially for home defense because you have a ton of options to put lights lasers grips and even bipods on it whatever pleases you.

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Elroy - Add Reply

I recieved my Vism two peice extend rail and installed it on my Ruger AR556 over a week ago. As many may or may not know, the rail did need to be modified in order to fit around the quick disconnect and bayonet lug on the lower part of the A2 gas block. It was easy to do and can be done with a hacksaw or dremel. Once thatvwas done the rail went right on and was pretty solid. I mounted the two rails it came with and a flashlight as well. It is pretty light and its not as tough as other rails sonits not meant to be under extreme abuse butbit gets the job done.

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Brent - Add Reply

I'll start off by just saying I really like this handguard. I put one on my 762x39 AR. The finish is outstanding. The bonus of having two sections of Picatinny billet rail included is great. And installation is as simple as anything could ever be. I loved the handguard so much that I ordered a second one. The second one is where I found a little something to be concerned about but that is being addressed right now. On the second handguard I purchased I noticed the M-LOK slots on the six-O'Clock position of the handguard were machined oversized. They did not accept some of the Magpul M-LOK accessories. Well, more correctly, the accessories would fit into the slots but they wouldn't grab because the slots were slightly larger than they should have been. When I discovered the accessories wouldn't fit I examined the rail closer. That's when I saw that the machining was so oversized it was visible to the naked eye. Very oddly, every other section of slots around the circumfrence of the handguard was machined correctly. I can't imagine how this happened since I'm sure these are cut on a CNC machine. Nonetheless that was my situation. I didn't discover this until several weeks after having installed the handguard, at which point I had already discarded the box. Upon contacting customer service at OpticsPlanet I was referred to the manufacturer (VISM is apparently a division of the NC-Star company). A guy named Matt in customer service at NC-Star is working to get me a replacement ha... Read More...

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Liam - Add Reply

This handguard is a great solution for the look I was going for on my M&P Sport II. Once I removed the piece of junk plastic handguard that came with the rifle, this full length VISM completely changed the gun's appearance - and that's a good thing. It's probably one of my favorite mods and really makes the rifle look menacing. It was much easier to put on than I expected. It was harder to take off the plastic guard then to put this new one. It literally fit perfectly into place with just a gentle click and then the screws married the two halves for a nearly seamless fit. The removable rail pieces that come with it were useful for moving some other furniture around. I used the shorter piece for my bipod and the longer piece will be used for a light eventually. The only reason it doesn't get five stars is because it adds a little more weight than I was expecting, not bad, but enough ounces that you get a little tired holding it without a sling, and I also knocked a half star off for its lack of heat dissipation. After a quick 30 round burst the red hot barrel made the handguard pretty hot as well. I thought it would dissipate a little better, that's why it's called a handguard. So, I ended up putting some plastic m-lok covers along strategic areas to help. It's not enough of a problem for me to dislike the handguard but I do have to be careful where I grab it when setting it down. Overall, this exceeded my expectations and really makes the rifle look badass.

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Regan - Add Reply

Would definitely recommend this product. Dramatically changed the look of the wifes firearm. Got rid of the useless factory firegrip and added options to attach accessories. Perfect option as hers still has the a post front sight.

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Kory - Add Reply

One half hour will change your carbine into a new rifle. Optics Planet Has the best price in the U.S.A.On this hand guard. I purchased the m lok version and mounted a flashlight and laser,thus making my carbine (7.62x39) the perfect home defense and hog rifle. There are better rail systems out there (read more expensive) but the Visim is a genuine bargain. Youtube videos guide you to a perfect instillation.

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Reece - Add Reply

Love this handguard! Easy to install and looks great! I installed it on my Ruger AR-15 There is a bit of an issue with the underside not quite fitting perfect a bit larger opening will need to be made if you have a dremel tool

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Rasheed - Add Reply

I saw one review that said it fit and ordered it to see. Not only did it come a day early but it fit perfect over the gas block and it was a super simple install! High quality aluminum so it’s not cheap plastic and it is still light to carry! Picatiny rails were a breeze to move, I suggest moving them before you put the set screws in, just easier. Overall great product and afordable price, looks great too!

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Haleigh - Add Reply

I recieved my rail today and installation was simple. I was amazed as how sturdy the rail was. It fit like a charm. I couldn't be more please. Set my AR-15 off. It looks amazing. The rail was supposed to come with 4 pieces of mlok, it only came with 2. Called opticsplanet, customer service was outstanding. Thank you Hermon Moore at opticsplanet.

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Tyrese - Add Reply


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Allen - Add Reply

Beats many designer name brands and accomplishes the exact same function. Required a bit of customizied trimming on a Ruger upper because of the size of the bayonet/bipod lug but no big deal for anyone with a bit of mechanical skill.

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Misael - Add Reply

I wanted to get a quad rail bUT wasn't wanting to replace critical parts, gas block, on my AR15. This piece fit the bill. Inexpensive, great looking, fast shipping, and it dropped right in. It looks fantastic on my rifle. It's a lil bit heavier, but I like the weight for control. Comes with everything needed. A couple rails that you can put where ya want. VERY PLEASED!!!! GREAT VALUE!!

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Marcelino - Add Reply

I purchased this handgaurd for a S&W M&P15 Sport II with the standard AR15 handguard. I can't say enough good things about it. The fit, finish, and quality of the workmanship that was put into this piece makes all the difference. Installation was EZ and made the rifle seem like a higher end carbine. Looks really sharp!

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Matt - Add Reply

I wanted more handguard space as a carbine length guard isn't comfortable to me. I also didn't want the 1913 rails and wanted to keep the fsb. There is some play, so its not for sights or lazers, but great with a flashlight. One word of caution, the fsb base (where you remove the sling loop) protrudes through the bottom of the guard. This gets VERY hot. I had to use a polymer m-lock rail cover to cover it up and not burn myself. I don't know how it compares in regards of durability to more expensive guards, but I really like it.

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Brannon - Add Reply

It is lightweight, fits perfectly to my M4 and feels solid. The installation takes no more than 5 minutes. I will provide with a better review when I use it at the range and after some "quality" time with it.

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Erik - Add Reply

For the price, this hand guard is a great value. It fits solid and gives you a good place to fit accessories, unlike the Carbine one. I like that I can have a forward hand hold that the Carbine grip doesn't allow. I believe this is a good value for someone who wants to upgrade their Carbine.

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Giovani - Add Reply

This is well built, solid, 6 screws which hold it together after you install it. It appears that the center internal screw brackets in the middle of the unit, do not surround the or engage the steel rifle barrel support (which is installed on the rifle barrel when produced) which actually has notches to be engaged with from the stock grip standpoint. Normally, this would not be an issue. However if you install a front bipod, at or behind the center bracket, behind the sling swivel, loading up on the bipod, causes the barrel to jump up. If the guard was locked into the steel bracket which is attached to the barrel, this would not happen. This could be user error on a bipod use, so I am still learning.

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Jeramie - Add Reply

First off... this item must be a "hot" item because it took almost 3 months for it to come in! Nevertheless, I waited patiently and must admit I'm pleasantly surprised at the build quality. It doesn't feel flimsy or cheap. It feels solid, and well built. It was very easy to install. It took me longer to take my old carbine handguard off, than it did to install this one, and it fits like a glove. No wiggle, no slop, no weird noises or movement, it looks like it belongs there. Solid. I read in a review somewhere a while ago that the screws were in the top of the handguard. More of an aesthetic issue. Mine screwed in from the bottom, so I'm not sure if that was an older version. I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to extend their handguard on a budget. Would I go to war with this? Probably not. But then again... I'm not a soldier so that's not my place to say. But its a great product at a great price.

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Stanton - Add Reply

If you have a short handguard on a carbine length AR, this rail is an excellent upgrade. It's smooth and smaller in diamater than the regular rail so it doesn't tear up the hands even on long range days. The build quality and fit are exceptional and it assembled in minutes. It fits the Anderson AM-15 perfectly.

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Kole - Add Reply

Easy install,looks great. Took about 15 min no tools needed other than supplied Allen wrenches. Very functional and gave rifle a much stronger feel my stock foregrip was always a little wobbly. Plenty of space to mount accessories.

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Diego - Add Reply

This is a great product at a very reasonable price. Installation took about 5 minutes with no special tools. Seams line up perfectly and there is no slack or movement after it was installed. This gives you a lot more real estate on your gun without having to change to a low profile gas block. I was so pleased with it that I purchased a second one for another carbine

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Hyman - Add Reply

This handguard fit perfectly around my m&p15 sport 2 with the front iron sight. This handguard was easy to install and felt so comfortable. This handguard allowed for plenty of area to install grips and grip covers. Love this handguard

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Frederik - Add Reply

Built well. Comes with tools, but no instructions. However, with a little know how, you should be fine. Recommend some sort of LockTight on the screws. Very inexpensive way to customize your off-the-shelf AR15.

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Jonathon - Add Reply

This handguard is well built and snug fit. I installed it with very little difficulty and was able to add my weapon light without having too much barrel shadow. Alittle heavy but I honestly could say it's probably one the best Handguards for the price that is selling for

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Lazaro - Add Reply

For the price quality seems pretty good. Grip feels good after installation and the extra length. Easy to install. Only concern is how tight are the screws that are holding the top and bottom together going to stay after so many rounds fired.

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Demond - Add Reply

This rail, by far, exceeded my expectations. The look and feel is absolutely incredible! It was so simple to put on. Light weight and everything. Gives you all the room to put all kinds of stuff on your AR. Buy this, you will not be disappointed...

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Toby - Add Reply

Fit and finish are excellent, easy installation. Stays secure with vertical grip and bipod. If you don't have Alot of cash to blow, and don't want hassle of removing front sight, then this is for you. You won't be disappointed.

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Salvador - Add Reply

I put this hand guard on my colt ar with fixed front sight post with no issues. Very strait forward mod and lines up well allowing for endless attachment combos. No need to hack off front sight or to do free float mod. Dont let the affordable price run you off, it is very well built.

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Heber - Add Reply

Inatalled on a M&P Sport. Great bang for the buck if you have a fixed front sight post, installation took less than 5 minutes. Remove the old handguard, place the bottom portion over the sling swivel, pull down the locking collar. Slide the top portion over the site post once again pull down the locking collar install 6 screws with blue Loctite. Would definitely recommend, very tight fit no rattling, looks fantastic!

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Murl - Add Reply

Solid hand guard. Locks in tight into delta ring and hand guard cap. Extremely light weight and excellent fit/finish. Unique product, no other competition in the market for this type of product as of May 2018. My only reason for not giving this a 5/5 is because the rail sections and the associated hardware are not actual M-LOK. They are some knockoff type concept from Vism and the hardware does not function like actual M-LOK hardware does. Bottom line if you want to mount an actual M-LOK rail to this hand guard you will have to buy actual M-LOK rail sections and/or hardware.

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Obie - Add Reply

This is a great product. I like it. It was easy to install and has really changed the way I can get my carbine length AR set up. I didn’t give it 5 stars because it was back ordered and I had to wait about 5 weeks for it. Also no matter what I tried I just couldn’t get the upper and lower to fit completely flush. It’s really no big deal as the upper sits just a hair higher on one side and a hair lower on the other side. It’s only noticeable to me and doesn’t affect the performance of the hand guard. Also some pass through holes under the top picarinny rail would have been great to pass zip ties through for my light switch.

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Bud - Add Reply

It’s perfect... exactly what I’m looking for! Put on my first AR15 Del-Ton Echo 316M now looks sharp, nice finish and very tight with no wiggle on it, definitely will purchase another one with the Key mode look like

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Deshaun - Add Reply

Had to modify to fit ruger. Was a simple modification. Had to enlarge one of the slots for the ruger bayonet lug. Feels solid. Gives a lot of options for accessories. Gives the rifle the look of a free floated barrel without doing any modification to the rifle.

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Sebastian - Add Reply

For the price I would have given this a 5 star, the fit of the two rails was decent considering the price point. Reason for my low rating? Buckle up. I went to install this and everything was lining up fine, both pieces fell together in the spring loaded base just fine, but for some reason the clamshell had huge gaps and wouldn't fit together like when I had pulled them out of the packaging. I tried putting it in a few different ways and the results were the same each time. Then I noticed something. On the top piece of the clamshell there are 4 contact points that fit under the circle thing near the gas block sight, well, there's supposed to be anyways. On mine, one of the center contact points near the rail WASNT EVEN MILLED DOWN. Hard to describe exactly but there was no recessed shelf so it was just clanging against the side of the circle, it wouldn't fit underneath like the other pieces. Instead of going through waiting to ship it back and getting a new one I decided to use a small hand file and create a flat shelf so it would fit properly and not hit the side of the circle. Needless to say it took a long time filing by hand. Once I filed it down to match the other 3 contact points it installed in about 4 or 5 minutes, including tightening all the screws down. Can't say I was super happy about having to do the work vism forgot to do but now it works flawlessly lol.

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Rashawn - Add Reply

This thing is nice!!! It looks amazing on the rifle and it’s also very solid. It has absolutely no movement. Feels much better in my front hand then the quadrail it replaced. It installs easily and really changes the rifle. You won’t be disappointed

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Forest - Add Reply

I purchased this for a CMMG upper. The most difficult part of the installation was removal of the old/stock plastic hand guard. Easy to install, fits well, looks much better and certainly more versatile than the stock hand guards. Would definitely buy another and /or recommend to a friend.

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Cyrus - Add Reply

As a new AR owner, I spent lots of time to research on the handguard. After watched some video on youtube. Decided to give VISM AR15 M-LOK a try.Spent less then 10 minutes to install on Colt6920 OEM1 and fits perfectly. Great product. Highly recommend.

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Kamren - Add Reply

Exactly what I was looking for. Wasn't too sure but ordered anyway. Very happy I did. I now have a place forward of the front sight for my flashlight. Cuts WAY down on the glare. No problems with the MLOK, as some have reported. The MLOK nuts that came with it, and some different round type MLOK nuts that I had and both worked fine. The rails are really tight and solid. Installing it was a snap. Did NOT even need the delta ring tool. Pull down on the ring a little, set the bottom back end in, push up around the sling swivel, and let go of the ring. The top is just as easy, you just have to pull the delta ring down just a touch and it 'falls' into place. Install and tighten 6 screws and you are ready to install your rails and hang whatever goodies you have because you now have unlimited placement options

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Henderson - Add Reply

For the price and great fitment, can't beat it. Custom painted and Matte clear coated. They need to start making more m loc attachments now. We shall see how sturdy it is after this weekends shoot. Thanks

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Wilton - Add Reply

I wasn’t expecting much for the price that it was offered. I was shocked by the quality. Get it I highly recommend it. The shipping was quick less than a week delivery time. Works and looks good on my m & p sport 2.

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Joesph - Add Reply

built on quality details on a friendly budget. great upgrade from the original heat shiled. smooth surface hand guard with a right diameter size. sturdy and not shaking at all . no modification needed at all.

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Garett - Add Reply

Very easy install. No adjustment or modifications necessary. Gives extra reach and plenty of room for accessories. I put pads on mine and was able to place my scope a little farther away for eye relief

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Sanford - Add Reply

I currently have this on my M&P15. Just be careful when applying the top part as you may damage the gas tube if not careful as it seem to have tight distance but just enough not to touch during regular operation.

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Juston - Add Reply

I have searched and tried many different rails and this is by far the best I have found. Makes the rifle look cool plus its M lok and light weight. Also comes with 2 picatinny rail piece so you can attach other accessories.

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Denis - Add Reply

Handguard is OK. Everything fit just fine with my S&W M&P Sport 2 (223). There was no problem with instalation only one thing should be upgraded whitch is when everything is assembled you can feel the edges form the buttom or the top part oft this handgurad. But that is a small issue for the general feel of this mod.

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Danial - Add Reply

Just what I was looking for.. perfect fit.. full length past the front sight allows added features down the length of the barrel.. easy install.. adds the tactical look and performance.. M-Lok accessories and versatility a huge plus.. RECOMMENDED!!

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Benjamin - Add Reply

Im not one to go cheap on gun products. I always buy higher end quality components that cost a chunk of money. I have an upper that sits in my safe, Its a standard m4 carbine length upper and those always feel way too short now that so many guns come with longer rails as a standard. I didn't feel like spending a whole lot on fixing it up to get a longer rail for an upper I dont ever use, and I didn't want to have to do a bunch of work taking it apart to get a rail on. I just wanted something cheap, simple and won't fall off. The rail was packaged nice, its very light weight. Pull the delta ring back and It snapped on with zero issues. Do the bottom one, and add all 6 screws . The rail is solid, it does not move whatsoever. Its slim and smooth. Where it meets the upper the rail and the upper's rail line up perfect. Everything lines up perfect. For $47 bucks this blew me away and cannot be beat, took a couple mins to completely install and be finished and its better then any drop in rail I've ever had. Ive never bought an NcStar product in my life, and all you see and hear is talk about the low quality/chinese made stuff. Dont let the name fool you, its a really good rail. I have no idea what the VISM stuff is, like if its their higher end stuff how utg has the UTG Pro line of stuff thats actually pretty well made. Add this to a 14.5 pinned upper, and it would sit super flush. Mine is 16" and its only 2" past the end of the rail.

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Geo - Add Reply

The hand-guard is a solid piece of equipment. It was simple to install. The fit and finish were perfect. I love the feel and the extended reach. It also looks pretty nice on the rifle. I would purchase this again.

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Rusty - Add Reply

The hand guard comes in a two piece drop in install comes with Allen key and two pictanny rail sections one short and one medium size one. The product fit my windham weaponry carbon fiber src ar15 perfectly. My ar15 has a picatinny gas block which fits inline with the hand guard top rail makes my ar15 look much nicer. I also installed a magpul mlok mvg which compliments the hand guard very well. Overall I'm satisfied with my purchase. This hand guard is a good alternative if u want more rail space for accessories. Mind you dat the hand guard is a drop in install not a free float rail which can be difficult to install especially on a carbon fiber ar like mine.

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Kody - Add Reply

Excellent design, quality workmanship, and easy installation. Very functional and affordable on any budget. Equal in all aspects to higher cost similar products. I had one issue related to my particular AR when installing this hand guard, and the customer support from the manufacturer was excellent in helping me resolve the issue.

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Carter - Add Reply

I have a Colt AR15 with A2 front sight. I originally replaced the stock handguard with Magpul MOE but disliked the length for attaching a white light, sling receiver, foregrip, bipod adapter, etc. Buying another AR15 upper was not an option. I contemplated removing the front sight and installing a low gas block and purchasing a handguard that is slim, longer, and uses the M-LOK design. Then I found this product on Optics Planet. The VISM M-LOK Carbine Handguard addressed my issues quickly and economically! I even comes with some rails included! The product is surprisingly clean and well-made. It would probably sell well at twice the price. My only negative is some vertical play which would rule out precision items like dots or lasers. Time will tell how durable this product is in the field.

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Camren - Add Reply

This Vism Mlok handguard is so easy to install and it makes your AR look so nice. It’s definitely a good upgrade and I recommend it. If you want to get a handguard without breaking your bank or hiring a gunsmith to change your handguard, this is it. You should definitely buy this!!

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Ryleigh - Add Reply

Easy to install on my Ruger ar556. I've been using it for a few weeks now, and love it. I butted it right up to the bayonet lug the Ruger has, instead of cutting the hand guard, no issues as of yet. The m lok style on these are a hair different from Magpul and other company's, so be aware. I'm sure they will accept other brand m lok attachments, but may require some finesse. I'd still buy again for the price. No having to cut or buy a lower profile gas block is a huge plus for this piece if you have an a2 sight.

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Emery - Add Reply

Ordered this for our ruger AR and it is a perfect fit. Installed easily and looks great. Bought a flashlight, laser, sight and All looks wonderful with this Handguard. Would definitely recommend this

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Jerad - Add Reply

OpticsPlanet had this on sale for just a couple of days for $34.95! I needed the added real estate this provides ahead of the front sight for my laser/flashlight, it's perfect and a few Mlok slot inserts makes it look nice. Thank you Carly with your chat help! Had free 5-10 day Value Shipping, it came in 3 days! Bonus!

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Lamar - Add Reply

I had been looking for a 2 piece full length hand guard that would fit my M&P AR15 sport with fixed front sight that incorporates the M-lok design. Great flexibility for the personal configuration or keep it clean and sleek.

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Jerrold - Add Reply

Easy to install. Durable and lots of room for add ons. For the price this is perfect. The other reviews convinced me to try it. Fit perfectly over the A2 sight. Light weight prior to add ons. Comes with a small picatinny rail that can be moved according to your need.

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Hans - Add Reply

This handguard easily replaced the standard one on my AR. By far the hardest part of the install was getting the old one off. This thing fits perfectly and the top rail lines up with the receiver rail like it's one piece. This is exactly what I was looking for.

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Mack - Add Reply

Ncstar AR-15 M-LOK® Handguard Extended is fit to may ATI ar15 mil sport.................................................................................................hope helps all..........................................................................

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Clement - Add Reply

Fits perfectly, Gave my S&W MP15 a lot more real estate. Little or no movement compared to the magpul covers I had before. I would recommend this for anyone who does not want to fool with the A2 front sight/gas block ***especially for S&w Warranty purposes. Looks good, functions good. Install was in seconds. I cant wait to fool with some new grips and such at the range. I wish more companies would provide such quality parts at prices affordable to the average weekend warrior.

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Santos - Add Reply

Fitment and finish is perfect for my Bushmaster XM15-E2S carbine. The extended handguard allows much more hand and accessory space. I only wish I'd gone with the FDE to match the furniture. Oh well...I'm gonna have to buy another carbine now. Thanks Optics Planet!!

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Marquis - Add Reply

Nice extension forearm for a fixed front sight AR. A little pricey for the number of rail sections included. Nice light weight but seems to Lock up nice and sturdy when mounted. Nice extension for a build or to replace an existing forearm.

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Elijah - Add Reply

Fit and finish was really good. Easy installation, and M lok accessories mount up just fine. Haven't range tested it yet but aesthetically I'm very pleased! I may update this review after I put it through some use, but for the money I don't see how you can beat it.

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Dell - Add Reply

Cost effective alternative and looks great. I'm glad I made the purchase and definitely will recommend to those on a budget. The materials are good and feels solid on the AR platform. The only con that I can think of is that there's a cutout for the bayonet lug and it sits flush with the mlok handguard. I could see this as potentially burning someone's hand but I have yet to do this. Only time will tell. Great product though.

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Schuyler - Add Reply

High quality, very sturdy, looks great on my M and P 15 .it allows you to have a 13.5 inch handguard without doing away with the front sight and changing your gas block. It also comes with 2 1913 rail sections .I have a Magpul rvg mounted on the bottom and its rock solid. You can't beat this for the money

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Dawson - Add Reply

This handguard is rugged and looks great all for a low price. Additionally, it is VERY easy to install which is always a PLUS! The delivery was swift. No problems whatsoever. Can't recommend it enough!

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Mohammed - Add Reply

VISM AR15 M-LOK Carbine Hand guard Fits perfectly on my M&P 15 no issues with installing and it is well made. only it took me a minute to realize the 2 extra m-lok rails attached differently then a mag pull or other m- lok rail in the way that the T- nut dose not rotate it goes in and tightens up straight instead of rotating across due to being longer t-nut. But they are very functional and well attached.

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Newton - Add Reply

I wanted an extended handguard without the work and expense of going to a full floating one. This one is just what I was looking for and I get to keep my pinned front sight base. It is essentially a drop in handguard. It locates on the barrel nut and clamps over the front handguard cap very securely. Comes with two picatinny rail sections, a long and short. They don't work exactly like the M-lok nuts, but attach and hold great. I am very pleased with the quality, fit and function.

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Domenick - Add Reply

This thing rocks. It fits like a glove, is very tight, and looks awesome. Can't beat the price. Thank you Optis Planet. I would purchase this again. It only took acouple minutes to install. It made a generic carbine into a cool looking rifle.

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Kayleigh - Add Reply

Judt installed. The fit and quality are very good ,no instructions but was very easy to figure out and it looks great. I put this on a M&P 15 sport. The M Lok rails it came with fit tight and has no play. Like that it came with 2 different sizes.

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Jayden - Add Reply

The VISM M-LOK for your AR 15 is an exceptional high quality handguard that has been designed specifically for the gun owners who want the best without having to spend a lot of money. Not having to remove, replace, or modify anything on your rifle. It replaces your current handguard within minutes. Easy to install and looks like an award winning top of the line expensive handguard that now the modern hard working man can afford. You now have more than enough room for all your accessories without the crowded look you have on some handguards. A must have for the serious minded gun owner.

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Shawn - Add Reply

This was exactly what I was looking for to put on my AR15. I wanted something to give me additional rail space but I didn't want to switch to a freefloat rail. This was the perfect compromise! There are others out there but most are two to three times the price. For the money this was absolutely the best purchase. It arrived exactly when they said it would, it installed in just a few minutes, and it looks totally bad-a$$ on my rifle! Thanks NCStar and OpticsPlanet!

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Tom - Add Reply

I was looking for a longer handguard for my LE6920 and already had the SL magpul handguard that would scratch my barrel. I had a lot of mlok aftermarket parts so I started searching for another mlok handguard. I searched and thought about getting a free float rail, but I didn't want to lose my front post sight. I finally found this handguard and when I received it a few day after ordering. I installed it and I am satisfied with no complaints. I highly recommend this product. It is sturdy and easy to install. It took me a few minutes to install and it looks great.

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Quincy - Add Reply

This item arrived in good condition and looked great. It was easy to put together, and came with the necessary tools to take it apart and put it together. Fits together very nicely. Sadly, I measured wrong and it was too short for my Armalite M15.

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Toni - Add Reply

Awesome piece easy to install and great quality. My rifle looks amazing now and compared to the weight bef9re I put the new handguard it's way easier to control and fits my hand comfortably. The price was way better than I expected as well

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Baylee - Add Reply

If I rate 6 stars I would. The fit is amazing and snug with 6 set screws. It fits perfectly on my anderson am15 and it has a perfect spot for the gas block with stock just gotta find enough stuff to add to it so there isnt an empty rail

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Angelo - Add Reply

Very nice item install was a snap lol. No tool needed. Perfect fit and looks great. No wabble very nice product. for a red eeror box popped up on my review and cant see anything im anyproduct is great buy msg to weite more will not move.

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