VISM M-LOK Handguard, for AR-15/M4

Price Save Up to 20% from $63.99 to $50.99

Easy Drop-In install, no special gunsmithing involved, fits into Delta Ring and front Handguard Cap. Remove factory handguard, drop in the M-LOK® handguards and use supplied screws to secure M-LOK® handguard in place. US Patent Pending

92 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Specifications for VISM M-LOK Handguard, for AR-15/M4:

Color: Black
Fabric/Material: Anodized Aluminum

1-VISM M-LOK Handguard, for AR-15/M4
2-VISM M-LOK Handguard, for AR-15/M4
3-VISM M-LOK Handguard, for AR-15/M4
4-VISM M-LOK Handguard, for AR-15/M4
5-VISM M-LOK Handguard, for AR-15/M4
6-VISM M-LOK Handguard, for AR-15/M4

  • PROS
  • Very easy to put on
  • very affordable
  • Looks good on your rifle
  • well made
  • excellent price
  • Price, ease of installation, fit
  • CONS
  • Can't fine anything wrong
  • A little fitting with a fine file was needed to have it fit properly
  • a little heavy
  • misaligned top rail

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Celestino - Add Reply

Bought This vism m-lok hand guard for my mid length palmetto state armory AR-15 . This was the easiest hand guard I ever put on , it fit perfectly , seriously only 10 seconds it was on . It's well built and nothing cheap about this hand guard and its very affordable . I will probably buy a few more for my other AR-15 . Definitely will recommend

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Mike - Add Reply

Good Addition to my AR-15 project .... It enabled me to change the handguard that was on it to one that was more versatile to use with a fore grip or bipod. I am using a fore grip with laser and light combination that worked perfectly.

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Angus - Add Reply

It fits my Colt carbine just fine. The finish is nice. It has a nice slim apeaence. I had been looking for a handguard that looked like the current S&W ones, and is is very close. Delivery took a while because it was back ordered, but that was no big deal. It has no internal heat shield, which may be important to some.

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Camden - Add Reply

A while back I went from the standard AR fore end to a quad-rail fore end in order to 6 o'clock mount a Streamlight on my BCM carbine. While the light was in the perfect spot, after the first day on the range I hated that pig; the edges were blade-sharp, the other rails were unnecessary, and the rail covers were so bulky they made the fore end feel like you were holding a 2-liter soda bottle. I looked at the Troy, BCM and other brand name fore ends, and wasn't too thrilled about the price. I'm not strictly a brand-buyer (You know, one of those dudes who wants the brand-name logo in place so when he slides his gun out of the case at the range he lives for others oohing and ahhing over their shiny new toy, then they have a fit when their $2,500 rig gets a scuff on it), nor am I an eternally 5-11/Underarmor clad "Tactical Ted; the You Tube range god" who grew a crappy beard and dolls up in 'operator' chest rigs, an 'operator' helmet, an 'operator' balaclava, and 'operator' skivvies while reaching orgasmic states viewing the latest Panteao or V-Tac video production; I'm just a guy with 26+ years in LE/11 years+ SWAT-SRT who has tools that are used, not abused, and doesn't want to spend a bunch on fluff. I saw this fore end for 40 bucks, and figured I would give it a try. It wouldn't require a front sight/gas block change to allow for a free-floating fore end, and if it sucked I would only be out 45 bucks. Install is a snap, especially if you have a delta-ring tool for installi... Read More...

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John - Add Reply

This is a real nice handguard, very light slimline and looks sharp. It need a little modification to fit properly. Not a big issue, just a little work with a fine file on the inside to fit on the forward ring properly.

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Nils - Add Reply

I bought this hanguard as a temporary fix until the Midwest Industries handguard that I wanted was back in stock and honestly it was only $40. For the money, it’s an excellent product. It’s a little heavier than other drop-ins but it’s well made. Other than that I have zero complaints. I have decided to keep it and not wait for the MI. If you’re on the fence about it just buy it. You won’t be disappointed and at this price point you won’t find a better option.

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Lorenz - Add Reply

The handguard installed in seconds on my Panther Arms Oracle. It came with a couple extra rails for attaching Picatinny accessories to the M-LOK sides and bottom. Since it isn't precision machined, the flat top rails don't perfectly align with the rail on the upper. You get what you pay for. The difference between a sub $50 handguard and a $150+ handguard. Filing the tabs on the delta ring side may resolve the issue but would make it loose and unless you had a binding rail device along the top, would defeat the purpose. Once putting it on, you need a hand grip as it gets to hot to use without gloves.I bought it to be able to have more real estate to mount my optic and magnifier. It serves that purpose.

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Jaylen - Add Reply

Conflicting answers on this, but I found an instragram post from VISM stating this rail is designed for the triangular cap. So I took a shot and went with it and so glad I did. It was an upgrade to a PSA midlength upper that came with the triangular cap. As others mentioned, I also found sharpie black marks on some portions of the rail, as to hide imperfections. Not sure why, as there were other blemishes and nicks on the front end. Didn't matter to me, as I view my ARs as fighting rifles, which get dinged way worse. The rail pieces are non-standard mlok, but do fit in the m-lok slots. Otherwise, great cost effective upgrade.

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