Wilson Combat Dome Head Safety

Price Save 33% from $18.99 to $12.7

The Dome head safety allows you to rapidly and positively snap the safety off as you mount the weapon for a quick shot.Easy InstallationBlue FinishFits The Following Remington Shotguns:Model 870Model 1100Model 1187;

95.75 /100
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Specifications for Wilson Combat Dome Head Safety:

Color: Blue
Finish: Blued
Gun Model: Remington Model 11-87, Remington Model 1100, Remington Model 870

1-Wilson Combat Dome Head Safety
2-Wilson Combat Dome Head Safety
3-Wilson Combat Dome Head Safety
4-Wilson Combat Dome Head Safety
5-Wilson Combat Dome Head Safety

  • PROS
  • Performs perfectly as designed
  • CONS
  • Not advised for some shooters
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Houston - Add Reply

A note of warning: while the button does not protrude past the receiver, it does lay flush with it, which could make the gun more likely to go to fire in a soft case. It also is designed to more easily and quickly go to fire, which is why I would not recommend it for someone not proficient in weapons safety, or for someone who hasn’t considered the possible impacts of this design based on how they carry and store their weapon. That being said, for my purposes (law enforcement) it is perfect. The safety effortlessly goes to fire while moving my trigger finger to the trigger. It is slightly beneficial for off hand use as well. This thing does exactly what it is designed to do and is definitely an improvement on the standard design for certain applications.

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Arnoldo - Add Reply

I have the Vang Comp speed safety on my 870 police magnum. Saw this and wanted to compare the two. I slightly favor this Wilson combat one. Very similar but slight edge to Wilson for putting the red on the left side. Other than that they’re pretty identical. Very easy to install. Both a superior to the stock safety.

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