Opti-Logic Recon Laser Range Finder

The Opti-Logic Recon Laser Range Finder is an easy-to-use distance measuring instrument designed for general purpose rangefinding applications. The Recon Laser Range Finder by Opti-Logic allows rapid, accurate determination of distance to an object in a matter of seconds using "Bracket" targeting technology for easy sighting. The Optilogic Range Finder is user-programmable to read in meters or yards, with or without ballistics compensation (VAC), as well as angle of measurement. To save batteries, the rangefinder shuts itself off automatically when it is not in use. The Opti-logic Recon Series Laser Range-Finder incorporates and adjusts its ballistics compensation automatically for Archery as well as Firearms; this is called "Vertical Angle Compensation". It's as simple as it gets!

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Specifications for Optilogic Recon Series Laser Range Finder

Size: 3.25in x 2.50in x 1.40in(8.26 cm x 6.35 cm x 3.56 cm)
Weight: 3.5 ounce (99.2 gram) (less battery)
Operational Range: RECON = 4-1094 yards (1000 meters)(Up to 1500 yards for highly reflective targets)
Range Accuracy: +/- 1 yard/meter (+/- 2 yards/meters for very dark or very bright targets)
Range Resolution: 1 yard/meter
Readout: LCD
Units of Measure: User selectable in either yards, or meters with or without VAC
Viewfinder: 6x Monocular
Battery: Single CR-123A Lithium Battery.Operates for approximately 1000 individual readings
Ballistics Comp: Up to 120 yards Archery Up to 120 yards Archery & up to 1000 yards Firearms
Operational Temp: 0deg to 40degC, 32deg-104degF
Relative Humidity: 5-95% non-condensing
Laser Type: Infrared Class 1, eye safe 905nm Laser
Waterproof: Floats, highly water resistant

Features of Opti Logic Recon Laser Range-Finder

  • Highly water resistant
  • User selectable in either yards, or meters with or without VAC
  • Operates on single CR-123A lithium battery.

1-Opti-Logic Recon Laser Range Finder

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Rod - Add Reply

my recon unit failed after a year's and a lot of use sent back and they sent me a new one immediately great service. Pros: angle comp is a big help when shooting up and down hill to comp for hold . fast readings. great optics for hunting past 200 yrds angle comp is a must Cons: focus is stiff but starting to loosen

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Tod - Add Reply

Hey it worked as expected, and I expected nothing less. No buyers remorse or regrets. Pros: Easy to use, great build quality. Cons: None, and don't expect any.

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Jabari - Add Reply

I purchased this M1k Laser rangefinder for the battery compatibility, 123 A. It seems to be a great tool. I will be able to tell more after deer and elk season. It will be great for 3-D archery as well. Pros: light weight, compact, affordable Cons: none

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