Holosun Military Grade Micro HS515GM

Price Save 15% from $376.46 to $319.99

Attach the Holosun Military Grade Micro Red Dot Sight to your firearm for a rugged and reliable optic that will help lead your shots right on target. With these Red Dot Sights from Holosun, you can choose between a 65 MOA circle dot or a 2MOA dot to best suit your immediate needs in the field. The Holosun Military Grade Micro LED Red Dot Sight is housed in hard anodized T7071 aluminum for a lightweight structure that is very sturdy and resistant to corrosive elements. Plus, this device is waterproof to outlast any weather conditions. Featuring their exclusive "Shake Awake" technology, your sight automatically activates once it senses even the slightest movement and powers off when still. Get unlimited eye relief and impeccable sighting potential with the Holosun HS515GM Military Grade Micro Red Dot Sight.

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Specifications for Holosun Military Grade Micro HS515GM:

Color: Black
Fabric/Material: Hard Anodized
Magnification: 1 x
Objective Lens Diameter: 22 mm
Reticle: 65 MOA Circle Dot
Illumination Type: LED
Brightness Settings: 12
Adjustment Type: MOA
Adjustment Click Value: 0.5 MOA
Parallax: Parallax Free
Battery Type: CR2032
Battery Life: 20,000 - 50,000 hours
Length: 2.44 in
Width: 1.77 in
Height: 1.37 in
Weight: 7 lb
Additional Features: 1/3 Mount
Included Accessories: Maintenance Tools
Magnification Type: Fixed
Tube Diameter: 20 mm
W/E Travel at 100 Yds: 50 MOA

Features of Holosun Military Grade Micro Red Dot Sight:

  • Shake Awake - Motion based on and off
  • 2 MOA dot & 65 MOA Circle
  • CNC machining with T7071 aluminum housing
  • IP68 - 30 meters/30 minutes
  • Parallax-free with unlimited eye relief
  • Durable and reliable construction
  • Low mount and 1/3 Co-witness mount included
  • Clear Flip-up lens covers won't obstruct your vision
  • Quick release mount

1-Holosun Military Grade Micro HS515GM
2-Holosun Military Grade Micro HS515GM
3-Holosun Military Grade Micro HS515GM
4-Holosun Military Grade Micro HS515GM
5-Holosun Military Grade Micro HS515GM
6-Holosun Military Grade Micro HS515GM
7-Holosun Military Grade Micro HS515GM
8-Holosun Military Grade Micro HS515GM
9-Holosun Military Grade Micro HS515GM
10-Holosun Military Grade Micro HS515GM
11-Holosun Military Grade Micro HS515GM
12-Holosun Military Grade Micro HS515GM
13-Holosun Military Grade Micro HS515GM
14-Holosun Military Grade Micro HS515GM
15-Holosun Military Grade Micro HS515GM
16-Holosun Military Grade Micro HS515GM
17-Holosun Military Grade Micro HS515GM
18-Holosun Military Grade Micro HS515GM
19-Holosun Military Grade Micro HS515GM
20-Holosun Military Grade Micro HS515GM

  • PROS
  • Feature packed
  • Durability and dependability
  • Price, battery life, features
  • Shake awake
  • 65 moa reticle
  • price and quality
  • Everything listed above
  • battery life
  • CONS
  • country of manufacture
  • Battery mount and gasket

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Kennith - Add Reply

I have an equipment Destroyer called a 458 Socom. This rifle has destroyed 2 nice rifle scopes, 3 lasers, 2 collapsible magpul stocks, 1 slidefire stock....i believe that's it. That said, my Holosun is still standing tall after approx 300 rounds. If that doesn't sound like a lot it took less than 50 to destroy any of the others. It is always on when you pick it up, 100% reliable. Detach and reattach with repeatable accuracy. Love this thing. Don't let country of mfg. Scare you off. These are very nice.

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Shad - Add Reply

I own EOTechs, Aimpoints, Elcans, Trijicon RMRs, and Vortex red dot sights. While some of the higher-priced brands do stand out against this particular one, I am beyond pleased with the value and quality of the Holosun. This “military” version has blacked-out logo insignia, a killflash, lens protectors, and a nice quick detach system included...well worth the extra cost IMO. One thing I dislike is the external battery mount on the right. DO NOT overtorque the compartment lid or else you will pop out the rubber o-ring gasket and have potential for water or dust to ingress. I much prefer the battery tray models instead of the side-mount, but it works well when you hand-tighten and make sure the ring seals well. The gasket seems like it should be a harder material to hold its shape under pressure from the cap.

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Maxwell - Add Reply

Like all of the other Holosun sights I own, this one is a performer and delivers the lean, unobstructed sighting view I've come to expect. I prefer this simplistic battery compartment style to those models with the tray battery compartment. Adjusting the QD mount to fit the rail is simple and it snugged down tightly after a few adjustments. The reticle is clear and precise, adjusts in proper, measured increments, and it zeroed effortlessly at the range. All of the windage/elevation and reticle brightness controls provide audible and tactile clicks. The see thru glass lens caps are a nice touch and I've done all my shooting thus far with them in the closed position....it's as though they're not even there! The "shake awake" option is a very nice touch, and works at the slightest movement, but only from the sleep mode. If manually powered down my sight will not automatically power up upon movement. Timing for sleep mode is adjustable for 4 different settings, with the default being 10 minutes. This shake awake option is Holosun's finest feature, IMO. I've tested it several times, without issue. It sleeps at 10 minutes and awakes to the last setting every time, at the slightest touch. Sight arrives fully assembled but does not mean it's "range ready". The 8 screws needed to connect the sight/riser/QD base all need to be individually tightened before use. Loctite is a good idea. The instructions should be specific in this matter, IMO. Once again a quality, feature... Read More...

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Manuela - Add Reply

Was interested in the Aimpoint T1 but at $700 plus I quickly gave up on that idea. Just received the Holosun for less than half that price (with the red dot coupon less than $300) and upon first review it is a great optic. Great purchase experience from PlanetOptic.

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Randy - Add Reply

I would like to endorse the new Holosun Military grade optic. It’s rugged, locking QD T1 Mount, 50,000 hours of battery life, shake to wake feature, quality lens caps, kill flash, raised turret protectors, built from T7071 and 2 choices of reticle 2 MOA dot or Eotech style. Both crisp and clear, super bright setting for direct sunlight. Just floored at the quality and function of this sight.

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Jarrod - Add Reply

From all I have read these guys make the Sig Romeo 4.....these are a little less expensive, but seem to be very well built. The auto on, the reticle and the battery life make these a winner. I wasn't sure if I would like a micro sight, but I can tell you if you can shoot both eyes open, the sight disappears....all you see is the reticle and complete field of view. I will definitely buy another one of these.

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Reinhold - Add Reply

I like the circle and transparent cover. I don't like the base which is secured by 8 screws. Not one piece and can come loose. Use locktite. Or go with Romeo 4h which is better construct. But this if < $180

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