Armaspec Sound Mitigation Buffer 158

Price Save Up to 13% from $49.99 to $44.99

Install this Armaspec Sound Mitigation Buffer 158 to prevent your buffer spring from rubbing against the inner walls of your buffer tube, creating a smoother and quitter shooting experience. These AR15 Lower Parts developed by Armaspec are a single-stage drop-in replacement for your current buffer and spring. A huge benefit the Armaspec AR Sound Mitigation Buffer brings is that it reduces felt recoil to improve your accuracy with every shot. Protect the quality of your firearm while also enhancing your precision by using an Armaspec SMB Gen2 Sound Mitigation Buffer.

93.5 /100
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  • Performance


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Specifications for Armaspec Sound Mitigation Buffer 158:

Color: Black
Fabric/Material: Stainless Steel

Features of Armaspec Sound Mitigation Buffer 158:

  • Single-stage drop-in replacement for your standard buffer and spring
  • Reduce felt recoil
  • Keep the buffer spring from rubbing against the inner wall of the buffer tube providing smooth and quiet operation
  • Adjustable spring weight (Main spring can be trimmed at .25 lbs per coil to reduce tension up to a max of 12 coils)

1-Armaspec Sound Mitigation Buffer 158
2-Armaspec Sound Mitigation Buffer 158
3-Armaspec Sound Mitigation Buffer 158
4-Armaspec Sound Mitigation Buffer 158
5-Armaspec Sound Mitigation Buffer 158
6-Armaspec Sound Mitigation Buffer 158
7-Armaspec Sound Mitigation Buffer 158
8-Armaspec Sound Mitigation Buffer 158
9-Armaspec Sound Mitigation Buffer 158
10-Armaspec Sound Mitigation Buffer 158
11-Armaspec Sound Mitigation Buffer 158
12-Armaspec Sound Mitigation Buffer 158
13-Armaspec Sound Mitigation Buffer 158
14-Armaspec Sound Mitigation Buffer 158

  • PROS
  • Cheapest contained spring option
  • CONS
  • Lose lots of features over the other options

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Reggie - Add Reply

Good design. No real sound change once installed and charging the gun, but shooting you feel/ hear a little bit of a difference. I always kept my buffer spring well oiled so it wasn’t that noticeable but you can definitely feel/ hear a difference. Maybe just a little quieter.

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Alden - Add Reply

One part about a review is it is hard to learn a products endurance unless you do the review sometime down the road. It does seem to be a quality piece of hardware. Proper lubrication is essential prior to installation. It includes a minty fresh frog lube. Installed on an AERO Precision bcg and standard m4 carbine length tube. I must say I have equipment installed on other rifles that is double the cost of this device and the performance is pretty close up there. The actual silence and strength of pull is impressive. I have a hybrid magazine im breaking in and it can stop a normal bcg buffer spring from loading, this fed right through.

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Kory - Add Reply

This is a nice way to kill "AR sproing" and also good for 9mm ARs as it is slightly longer than usual so you don't break your bolt catches. Here is a list of which one you should buy from another website SMB-Carbine, SMB-H, SMB-H2, SMB-9, SMB-H3, SMB-308 SMB-Carbine Equivalent to a standard 3oz carbine buffer SMB-H Equivalent to an H 3.8oz buffer SMB-H2 Equivalent to an H2 4.6oz buffer SMB-H3 Equivalent to an H3 5.4oz buffer SMB-308 Equivalent to a 5.7oz 308 buffer and the correct length to allow for proper over travel when used with large platform (.308, 6.5 Creedmoor, etc.) SMB-9 Equivalent to a 9mm / PCC buffer which is typically around 6.2oz and is also extended to prevent excessive over travel when using PCC bolt carrier groups

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